Real-time dynamic pricing for
Vehicle Rentals

Pricing based on your supply and demand per rental location, vehicle type and time.


Set your prices according to what customers are willing to pay.

Increase Revenue

Get better margins during high demand times.

Higher Utilisation

Drive higher utilisation by setting fair prices during low demand times.

Adapt to the market

Adapt quickly to changes in market conditions, capturing opportunities and mitigating risks in an ever-changing landscape.


Pricing with Priceff is fully automatic. Don’t set prices manually ever again.

Adjusts to your fleet

Priceff’s system is capable of adjusting to any changes to your fleet.

Success Story: is Finland’s largest rental company dedicated only to van rental. They started using Priceff’s dynamic pricing solution in November 2021 and achieved great results.

Dynamic pricing car rental results using Priceff

comparing 2021 vs. 2022


Increase In Revenue


More Rental Hours


Increase In Rentals

Video: Story

Check out the dynamic pricing journey has with Priceff. Presented by Mikko Erkkilä, CEO of

Real-time dynamic pricing is a unique way to price your rentals.

Frequently asked questions

What are your competitors prices based on? Usually it’s based on factors you don’t have knowledge about so why base your price on it? We believe that you should price on your unique situation based on your own supply and demand.

Be a leader in pricing, not a follower.

By design, Priceff’s system takes all the factors into account since it’s are heavily based on the current demand, which in turn takes into account all possible factors.

With Priceff you won’t have to worry about factors anymore.

We can price for each car type in each location for every day or even intra-day. We will set pricing limits so that you never sell too cheap or too expensive.

Priceff’s pricing will adjust to any changes to your fleet. E.g. if you move capacity between rental locations Priceff will adjust the pricing.

No. Pricing based on forecasts is basically guessing the correct price. We price by adapting to the current market situation therefore having the correct price all the time.

Only when setting up the system for you we take a look at your historical data to aid us in setting the correct parameters.

We have several integration options. Contact us for more information.

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