Customers using Priceff’s dynamic pricing

Benefits of dynamic pricing

Great results

Inventory turnover increased:

“Dynamic pricing allows us to improve long-tail inventory sales and accelerate inventory turnover.”

Veli-Pekka Matilainen,
Sales Director, WSOY

Revenue increased:

“Our revenue from home deliveries increased by 19%.”

Johanna Kuosmanen,
Digital and customer experience director, Kotipizza Group Oyj

New perspectives:

“In order to improve the working capital cycle, it is important that pricing can be adjusted according to demand.”

Jukka-Pekka Uuskoski,
Senior Vice President, Business Development at YIT

Food waste reduced:

“Thrilled to see an additional 14% reduction in food waste!”

Aku-Jaakko Saukkonen,
COO, ResQ Club

Priceff’s dynamic pricing is a hattrick:

“Customers receive better service, restaurants increase their sales and food waste is reduced.”

Pasi Rajala & Marko Taavitsainen,
Kotipizza Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business School Working Paper

Dynamic Pricing and Demand Volatility:
Evidence from Restaurant Food Delivery

Priceff’s mathematician Dennis Svartbäck and CRO Anders Ekholm have researched dynamic pricing of restaurant food home deliveries together with Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Alexander MacKay. They find that:

  • within-week transaction volatility decreased by 10%
  • demand shifted from high-demand periods to low-demand periods
  • transactions increased by 10 %
  • revenues increased by 6 %
Harvard Dynamic Pricing Research