Priceff Crew

Our team is a diverse group of talented people ready to change the pricing business. Behind our team are professionals with significant experience supporting us either as board members, advisors or investors.


Anders Ekholm 
Chief Research Officer & Co-Founder

“Highly experienced pricing professional and adjunct professor of asset pricing.”

Heikki Lummaa
Chief Executive Officer

“Pricing Enthusiast, SaaS Professional.”

Tiina Laisi-Puheloinen
Chief Commercial Officer

“Experienced sales director and management professional.”

Mikko Hyvärinen
Chief Technology Officer

”International software developer mastering testing, social skills and adoption of latest tech stack.”

Jens Liman
Analyst & Project Manager

“A tech-savvy analytical thinker with experience in project management and an educational background in finance.”

Dennis Svartbäck

“Mathematician with a solid grasp of foundations and a passion for solving real-world problems.”

Heikki Välivehmas

Heikki Välivehmas
Chief Operating Officer

“Retired Brigadier General from the Finnish Defence Forces with extensive experience in strategy and tactics.”

Kim Toffe Martesuo
Head of Engineering

“Software developer with experience in product and team management.”

Axel Hellman
Business Development & Sales

“Determined problem solver helping companies modernize pricing.”

Konsta Mustasilta
Business Consultant

“A technology and business professional interested in helping companies to generate competitive advantage through pricing. Previous experience in SaaS and team leadership.”

Board Members

Heikki Välivehmas
Chairman of the Board & Investor

“Ex Brigadier General in Finnish Defence Forces.”

Antti Pohjala
Board Member & Investor

“Management consultant for several stock listed companies.”

Thomas Svartbäck
Board Member, Investor &

“Senior pricing professional, seasoned investor and tech enthusiast.”

Asko Schrey
Board Member & Investor

“CEO & Co-founder of Accountor, Ex CEO of Helsinki Stock Exchange.”

Tarmo Kekki
Board Member & Investor

“Partner, Industry Leader at PwC Finland.”

Advisory Board

Alex Smith

“CCO of Cuvama, Senior sales at PROS (price optimization).”

Johanna Kuosmanen

“CDO of Kotipizza, Senior customer experience and digital professional.”

Mikko Dahlbom
Advisor & Investor

“Investor, Senior IT expert.”