We are thrilled about our ongoing cooperation with Circle K Sweden on fully automated demand-based pricing.

Circle K Sweden https://www.circlek.se is a major renter of cars, vans, and trailers, featuring 250 locations (petrol stations) and 4 000 – 5 000 rental vehicles.

In December 2023, our company Priceff was integrated into Circle K’s new booking platform, https://wheelsys.com, initiating fully automated dynamic pricing.

This cooperation quickly expanded to cover all of Sweden by the end of December and to include all of Circle K’s own gas stations by January-February.

Now we continuously adapt about 50 000 price points automatically based on the demand and targets for each priced entity.

The results have been fantastic: By automatically offering lower prices during quiet times and somewhat higher prices during busy periods we increase volume, revenue and improve fleet utilization.

The integration of Priceff with Wheels has worked excellent from the start. Thank you for the trust and fantastic cooperation Circle K and for the seamless teamwork Wheels! Thank you also very much Team Priceff for the excellent work.