Viaggiare S.r.l., an innovative and fast growing car rental chain, is the first company in Italy implementing Priceff’s dynamic pricing for car rentals. Viaggiare currently rents cars and motorbikes in 11 cities in Italy, 4 in Montenegro, 2 in Poland and 1 in Albania, having a fleet of 2000 vehicles.

“Italy is fortunate to have a lot of tourists and business travelers that use rental cars. The high seasons vary between different parts of Italy, meaning we continuously optimize our fleet in different locations. Italian car rental market is highly competitive and there is a lot of price pressure continuously by competition. We are thrilled to pilot Priceff’s approach, daily adapting prices based on the speed of demand per location per vehicle type. Price changes take place completely automatically., CEO Matteo Frattin at Viaggiare comments.

“We strongly believe that demand-based dynamic pricing will boost Viaggiare’s growth by increasing utilization and ensuring good price levels during busy times. Demand varies a lot across Italy and between summer, fall, winter and spring. Our solution adapts automatically if Viaggiare moves cars to a busy location or the number of cars varies between seasons”, says Heikki Lummaa, CEO of Priceff.

“We have earlier used a lot of time to manually optimize prices. Priceff has a highly advanced demand-based SaaS solution, which was fast to implement. We started using the system in about 4 weeks from project kick-off. Now we just steer the automated system together with Priceff team. We are eager to see the results and be ready for the upcoming winter season”, Matteo Frattin adds.

Additional information:

Matteo Frattin, CEO, Viaggiare
+39 0424 195 8079,

Heikki Lummaa, CEO, Priceff,
+358 400 62 6893,

Viaggiare S.r.l. was established as an independent company in 2016 from Frattin Auto Group. Car rental is Viaggiare’s passion and the company provides a wide range of vehicles, including also motorbikes. Viaggiare guarantees maximum transparency in offers and a top-quality short- and long-term rental service.

Priceff is a Finnish growth company offering real-time demand based dynamic pricing as a SaaS service. Priceff focuses on rentals, bookings and other businesses with limited capacity. Priceff currently has customers in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Italy.