Many companies in the time slot business struggle with capacity due to unevenly distributed demand for their time slots and locations. For example, the demand for grocery store home deliveries or tennis reservations is usually high in evenings, but low in daytime. This leads to unused capacity, especially if the price is the same for both the popular and unpopular slots.

Unused capacity obviously equals missed revenue. But so does a sold-out time slot, since there most certainly would have been customers willing to pay an even higher price for the slot than to which it was sold. 

Priceff’s solution optimizes the price for each time slot and location automatically based on real time customer demand. This means increasing the price when demand is high to get better margins, and decreasing the price when demand is low to get more sales and improved capacity utilization. Leveling out demand in this way is proven to increase total revenue, and most of our customers have seen double-digit % increases.