Dynamic pricing SaaS provider Priceff’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) turned positive in September-October 2023 (unaudited). The closing of multiple customer agreements during the second half of the year puts the company on a profitable growth trajectory.

“We are excited to show positive EBITDA, after years of hard work and risk-taking. Our real-time demand based dynamic pricing SaaS solution has proved its almost incredible value, and found notable customers in Finland, Germany, Italy and Sweden. We continue focusing on profitable growth in Europe within our core segments: rentals, bookings, and transportation”, Priceff CEO Heikki Lummaa states.

“Developing a new company is hard, and developing a new kind of international business is even harder. Add to that the recent pandemic and geopolitical turbulence, and it tastes even sweeter to report that our unique dynamic pricing solution now creates value for all involved parties – including consumers – by making the economy more efficient. I find it hard to envision any theoretical limits for how much our solution can be scaled, and our greatest challenge will undoubtedly be overcoming practical questions”, Priceff Chairman Heikki Välivehmas summarizes.

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Chief Executive Officer, Heikki Lummaa
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Chairman of the Board, Brigadier General (Ret.) Heikki Välivehmas
+358 44 540 8363