Padel-Club Denmark (PCDK), part of LeDap Group, is the first company in Denmark implementing Priceff’s dynamic pricing for padel court reservations. PCDK currently operates 12 padel centers and 85 courts and is the leading padel chain in Denmark. 

“The situation was unsustainable with fixed prices. The courts were constantly overbooked during peak hours, so something had to be done. We expect to shift excess demand to quieter times by dynamically lowering prices during quiet hours, says Søren Stocklund, CEO of Padel-Club Denmark.

Now the prices will be changing hourly automatically according to the demand. The algorithm is pricing every padel-center and time slot separately because demand and competition vary in different areas.  

“We strongly believe that dynamic pricing will influence players’ behavior and boost Padel Denmark’s growth. Some players are willing to choose their playing time based on a cheaper price, while others are willing to pay more for peak hours”, says Heikki Lummaa, CEO of Priceff.

“We compared companies specialized in dynamic pricing and quickly chose Priceff’s solution. From the first meeting, we realized that they have an efficient and smart dynamic pricing SaaS solution, which is easy and fast to implement to our internal booking system Bookli (Padel PopUp in the future). Priceff’s solution does not require complex data science projects or forecasting, as it is based on real-time demand”, says Søren Stocklund.