The first customer event of Priceff was a huge success! We had multiple participants, who had the chance to hear about the benefits of autodynamic pricing directly from our customers. A big thank you to all of our participants!

Johanna Kuosmanen from Kotipizza Oyj and Venla Laakkonen from YIT Oyj talked about the benefits which dynamic pricing has had for their companies. They both shared the same message: autodynamic pricing has many advantages, where the automation of pricing processes along with greater turnover are the key drivers of the advantages. Kotipizza was for example able to increase the number of home deliveries during low demand periods with over 50 %, while increasing revenue with 19 %. Thank you Johanna and Venla for your presentations, this would not have been possible without you!

The event was finished by our founding father, Anders Ekholm, who described the differences between autodynamic pricing and dynamic pricing. His presentation included a math and history lecture at the same time, while clearly showcasing why autodynamic pricing highly benefits our customers.

We will publish a short after-movie of the event to our website, where Johanna and Venla summarize the advantages of autodynamic pricing, so stay tuned for more…