We have the pleasure to announce that our board has two new members: Antti Pohjala and Lassi Kurkijärvi. Both persons join the board full of enthusiasm and look forward to guiding our expansion plans with their expertise.

Antti Pohjala is a seasoned management consultant, who has his own bureau. Before starting his own consultancy, he used to work for e.g. Accenture. Antti brings new perspectives to our board, and he’s full of excitement about our future:

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Priceff! The team is full of energy, and the easily scalable business model has huge potential. I hope my expertise helps this company to fulfill its goals.”

Lassi Kurkijärvi is a versatile multi-talent in technology. Lassi has worked for many years in leadership positions in e.g. Solita and Sanoma, and he’s specialized in gaining the benefit from combining business, technology and customer desire together. Lassi is also thrilled to join the board:

“Autodynamic pricing is starting to take over the world. I’m delighted to be a part of this and make a change in the way companies do pricing to help everyone get a better deal.”

We warmly welcome Antti and Lassi to the company!