Pricing consultation

We will analyse your current pricing models, the compatibility of your pricing systems, and find the added value that dynamic pricing could create for your company. In the transition phase you will get consultation on how to communicate dynamic pricing both externally and internally. We are here to assist you throughout the process and share our experience.

Pricing as a service

The core of our pricing services, our U.S. patented algorithm, is able to optimise your prices according to real-time demand. To enable the dynamic pricing service we will only need six parameters for your products or services:


Starting price: The starting price is your professional best estimate of the correct price. It may be set anywhere between or equal to the minimum and maximum price.


Minimum price: The price will not fall below this point. The minimum price might, for example, be set as equal to cost or depending on competitor prices.


Maximum price: The price will not rise above this point. The maximum price might depend on your competition situation and brand image.


Sales goal (capacity): This is the amount of products or services you want to sell.


Sales window: The sales window consists of a start date and an end date. This is the time period during which the algorithm optimises prices in order to reach the sales goal.


Price update interval: This is the time-lapse between the price updates. The update interval is usually set from seconds to hours depending on how actively you can and want to communicate a new price to your customers.

Monitoring service

We will continuously analyse your sales data to find out how you can streamline your business.


Our infrastructure has shown to be easy to integrate to the customers’ pricing systems.
We use a capsulated infrastructure based on the latest serverless technology powered by Amazon Web Services.

Scalable Serverless AWS Lambda REST APIs

No matter how many customers you have or how many products you need to dynamically price, our service can handle it

Powered by the robust Amazon Web Services

Our services have a nearly 100% uptime due our service provider AWS.

Secure HTTPS requests in JSON

We always secure your data on the internet

Integration project support

Our team is available to help you with your integration process

Frontend App for the API

Our React based web application helps you control your sales batches once integrated or use our services before and during the integration easily

OpenAPI 3.0 Documentation

Our API is documented using the versatile OpenAPI 3.0 Specification.

See developers.priceff.com