The core of our pricing services, our U.S. patented algorithm, is able to optimise your prices according to real-time demand. Our pricing service runs on AWS and is integrated to your systems. Therefore, we are able to react on your sales in real-time, as long as you are collecting your online sales data. The result? Your prices are always up to date, reflecting the demand of your products or services.


We will analyse your current pricing models, the compatibility of your pricing systems, and find the added value that dynamic pricing could create for your company. You choose which products or services you wish to dynamically price, and we help you set the parameters for said products and services.

Dynamic Pricing Service

The service is now up and running, updating your prices as often as you like, automatically, if integrated. We will monitor your sales and make sure the algorithm is optimised.

Analysis and Simulation

You are able to simulate prices with the help of our simulation tool. Import your historical sales data and see how Priceff’s service would have adjusted your prices. Get an overview of your prices and sales which go through our systems with the analytics tool. You can either export data to excel or check out our standard report which can be found in our UI.

API Integration

The true benefits of our auto-dynamic pricing solution can only be attained by integrating directly to our API. The integration itself has been reportedly easy for our clients and usually takes less than 2 weeks of development. Press here to check our API documentation.

Plug into our pricing service

If you are using Shopify Plus or WooCommerce please contact us and we will help you with the seamless installation. Are you running some other system? Don’t worry, so are most of our current customers. Our API is easy to integrate to, just contact us and we will check the compatibility of our systems, or check our API documentation. You are also able to export and import data using Microsoft Excel.