“This is a pricing man’s dream job,” says Heikki Lummaa, who will move from his role at Relex as Sales Director of the Nordics and Eastern Europe to CEO of Priceff.

Heikki Lummaa, M.Sc. (Eng.), has been appointed CEO of Priceff as of June 1, 2021.

– Priceff has a tremendous opportunity to bring corporate pricing processes into the 2020s. Globally, only about 25% of large companies and 20% of medium-sized companies use pricing automation systems. Flexible pricing models could e.g. be used much more in the pricing of services. Effective pricing can increase revenue and earnings quickly if done intelligently using real-time demand, with the same logic as the stock market, Lummaa says. 

Heikki Lummaa has worked at, among others, the US-based PROS, which is considered to be the inventor of dynamic airline pricing.

– Pricing has been my passion for most of my career. Priceff’s business idea and the core of the service are truly unique. With the company’s dynamic pricing service, our customers can increase turnover, profitability and reduce waste, as well as streamline and automate their pricing processes.

One of Lummaa’s key tasks is to help Priceff, which already serves numerous companies in Finland, grow internationally.

– It was amazing to be involved in growing Relex’s international SaaS success story and I strongly believe that I can take advantage of those lessons when starting at Priceff.

Lummaa has more than 15 years of international service business experience. In addition to Relex and PROS, he has worked at Global Intelligence Alliance (now M-Brain) and Nokia Networks, among others.

For our new CEO, we specifically wanted someone that could guide us towards international growth. The pricing service offered by Priceff has already gained a good foothold in Finland. We have renowned customers such as Viking Line, Kotipizza, and WSOY. At the same time, I am pleased that Tiina Laisi-Puhoinen, our current CEO, will continue to work for the company as a member of the Board and in the management of sales and customer relationships, says Lassi Kurkijärvi, Chairman of the Board.