Having signed deals with a number of Finnish stock exchange listed companies, Priceff is looking to expand internationally in 2021. As a dynamic pricing SaaS company Priceff enables sellers to automatically optimize the prices of their products or services based on actual demand, in order to increase revenue and reduce waste. Priceff uses a unique, patented algorithm, enriched by data from millions of transactions to find the optimal price point at any given moment.

To accelerate growth, Priceff has appointed a new chairman of the board. Lassi Kurkijärvi (Chief Executive of Proof Advisory; former SVP, Solita) brings his experience from decades of building digital businesses. “The market for SaaS solutions is growing rapidly, as they reduce deployment time and provide transparency to IT costs. Priceff’s customers are able to see the high value generated directly compared to the cost of the service.”

Joining the board is also Joris Van Heukelom (Partner, MakerStreet; former CEO, Sanoma Digital) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With his multiple successes in B2B startup incubation and experience from leading the Founder Institute in the Netherlands, Van Heukelom will help accelerate Priceff’s international expansion.

“Success in Finland shows that Priceff has potential for international success. With a proven product-market fit, cross border scaling is the path for growth. I will add my experience and practical knowledge within different markets to reach that goal. I am happy to join Priceff’s board”, says Dutch entrepreneur Joris van Heukelom.

Also joining the board are Priceff’s CEO Tiina Laisi-Puheloinen and COO Heikki Välivehmas, to support strategy with their insights from the Finnish operation.

The company will also start recruiting a new CEO with a focus on international growth.

Further information:

Chairman of the Board Lassi Kurkijärvi, +358 44 758 2379
CEO Tiina Laisi-Puheloinen, +358 40 750 7417