Priceff has entered into a strategic partnership with infiniteVIU, in Germany. The collaboration originated from the need of scaling Priceff’s sales and will help Priceff to enter German, Austrian, Swiss and Polish markets. InfiniteVIU will sell our solution and take care of customers in these countries.

InfiniteVIU is a German consulting company specializing in retail digitalization, supply chain solutions and dynamic pricing integration. The company’s founding partner Stefan Ettl has vast experience as Managing Director in multiple retail areas in the DACH market. Further, the company’s Sales Director Michael Huml brings a breadth of experience and contacts in working with retailers across Poland and Germany.

The collaboration has been planned during the summer and started now 1st of October. We have jointly created a go-to-market strategy focusing on segments where autodynamic pricing can bring major business benefits. We will initially focus on retailers that can benefit from our solution by having a continuously optimized price for all their products, even per store. With our adaptive pricing technology retailers can achieve better sales and margins across the assortment without needing to link their prices to competitors. Further we will approach various reservation and rental providers, like ticketing and sports reservation platforms & chains. We can help wherever there is demand volatility and/or a constrained capacity.

“Priceff’s dynamic pricing solution is something that I have never seen before. In retail, we see a lot of potential for example in fresh products where reducing spoilage is important for all retailers and the environment. Further with Priceff we are able to dynamically price various services such as grocery pickup, home deliveries, e-car charging and car wash – helping the customers to maximize their capacity utilization and margins while serving more customers.”, says Stefan Ettl, the founder and CEO of infiniteVIU. 

“I am excited to cooperate with infineVIU who has a very broad knowledge of retail both at shop floor and management level. After earlier living six years in Germany, I’m very happy to enter the market again. I just have to find my Lederhosen for the next Biergarten season – and naturally Oktoberfest.” says Heikki Lummaa, the CEO of Priceff.