Priceff has entered into a sales partnership with JCB Consulting, in Nordics. The collaboration originated from scaling Priceff’s sales and will help Priceff enter Nordic markets.

JCB Consulting is a Swedish consulting company specializing in SaaS sales owned by Christian Brunberg. He has vast experience as a consultant in SAP and JDA/Blue Yonder, Oracle and RELEX.

The collaboration started in October 2021. We have jointly created a go-to-market strategy focusing on segments where autodynamic pricing can bring significant business benefits. We will initially focus on retail & e-com product pricing, home deliveries, reservation and rental providers and e-car charging. We can help wherever there is demand volatility and/or a constrained capacity.

“Priceff’s dynamic pricing solution is a unique, efficient, and straightforward dynamic pricing SaaS solution, which is easy and fast to implement. It does not require complex data science projects or forecasting, as it is a real-time demand-based pricing model. Priceff’s solution is 100% automated, and there is no need for manual work after implementation. The algorithm takes care of pricing 24/7, even location/store specifically. This is simply something that I have never seen before”, says Christian Brunberg.

“I am excited to cooperate again with Christian, who has extensive knowledge of retail processes and various optimization software solutions. I have known Christian for years and love the way he interacts with customers providing them with professional advice and super friendly service. Nordics is a very logical market for our internationalization, with so many fast growing companies and a positive attitude towards new technologies”, says Heikki Lummaa, the CEO of Priceff.