“We have over 6,000 products for sale in several different markets and maintaining prices manually is not possible. It is better for the consumer to decide the price than for us to guess it,” says Mikko Oikari, CEO of e-ville.

e-ville.com has started dynamically pricing their products in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Prices change automatically according to demand. If there is a low demand for a product, the price will automatically decrease to reach the sales target.

“We searched for suppliers for a long time and made comparisons between different pricing systems. We ended up with Priceff’s solution because of its uniqueness, ease of use, and efficiency, ”says Mikko Oikari.

“We are delighted that e-ville ended up with Priceff’s solution. We know from experience that sales and competition vary per country and that is why automated demand-based pricing is the most effective solution. We cannot know in advance how consumers will behave and how competitors will adjust their prices. Further, products are in different stages of their life cycle. Priceff’s dynamic pricing can obtain optimal returns constantly across the markets while simultaneously minimizing pricing errors.” says Heikki Lummaaa, Priceff’s new CEO.

e-ville (www.e-ville.com) is a 100% Finnish-owned company selling products in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and other European countries.