Source: Helsingin Sanomat 30.11.2018

Helsingin Sanomat, a leading Finnish newspaper, has published today an article about how to optimise transportation ticket purchases as a consumer in Finland. The article was concluded by crunching big data from the Finnish transportation market during September and October 2018 and consisted of over 250 000 pricing datapoints from airlines, railway and bus transportation service providers.

Helsingin Sanomat interviewed Priceff’s CEO Riku Aakala in regards of the role of dynamic pricing, its implications and role in powering the transportation pricing as a whole. Despite the fact that dynamic pricing has been around since 1970-1980s especially in the airline industry, still today most of the ground passenger transportation pricing is far from being optimised using dynamic pricing capabilities.

Another trend is still that there are still human operators sitting on top of the tactical pricing management when this could be improved by changing the role of the price manager towards more strategic price leading role instead of deciding and updating the pricing manually/semi-manually.

Priceff’s solution can significantly increase pricing efficiency of ground passenger transportation by optimising occupancy rate of the train/bus even on a each individual leg of the trip with multiple stopovers. Want to improve your passenger transportation fleet occupancy rate? Contact us for further information.

The original link to the article in Finnish can be accessed here.