• Improved resource utilization
  • Higher turnover
  • Better profitability
  • Shorter queues (during high-demand)
  • More low-cost delivery slots available for price-sensitive buyer
  • Less need for expensive short term labour


  • Website or app where the price is displayed, and the customer makes his or her order
  • IT systems that allow for frequent price updates
  • Ability to connect through Rest-API (https://developers.priceff.com/)
  • Priceff’s solution is usually up and running in a few weeks

Kotipizza’s experience:

Kotipizza, the largest pizza chain in the Nordics, has used Priceff’s dynamic pricing solution to price home deliveries since 2019. The results speak for themselves, as the number of deliveries has increased by 22% and revenue by as much as 31%. Watch a brief clip of Tommi Tervanen, Kotipizza Group’s Chairman of The Board discussing their digital path and experience using dynamic pricing!

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