The current economic environment is characterized by significant price volatility, which is mainly driven by supply chain problems due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. It is therefore now critical for companies to set their prices right, so that they reflect demand and supply. In practice this means:

  • Raising prices to cover surging costs and/or to increase margins
  • Decreasing prices to secure a desired level of turnover

The global economy is a complex system, and predicting how it will react to the multiple ongoing shocks is impossible. However, sellers can hedge against this uncertainty with Priceff’s auto-dynamic pricing, which is automatically optimized based on both actual demand and supply. It offers:

  • Prices that can be updated 24/7 at any frequency, even in real-time
  • Less capacity waste for both products (e.g. perishables and FMCG) and services (e.g. rentals, deliveries and reservations)
  • Optimized revenue and margins

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