Roadfans GmbH, an innovative and fast growing camper rental chain, is the first company in Germany implementing Priceff’s dynamic pricing for vehicle rentals. Roadfans currently rents campers in 12 German cities having a fleet of 1250 campers.

“We have always optimized prices based on various factors, e.g., by analyzing booking situation, conversion rates and demand forecast based on the entire fleet. Because of our fast growth and sparse data, it was becoming increasingly difficult to adapt quickly and city & camper type specifically.

We are thrilled to pilot Priceff’s approach, continuously adapting prices based on the speed of demand vs. our targets on a more granular level. In the pilot we adapt prices several times during a week based on the specific demand of each location and camper type. Price changes take place completely automatically”, Commercial Director Suzanne Dorok at Roadfans summarizes.

“We strongly believe that demand-based dynamic pricing will boost Roadfans’s growth by increasing utilization and ensuring good price levels during busy times. Some consumers are highly price sensitive while others are happy to pay a premium price for premium vehicles and during busy times.”, says Heikki Lummaa, CEO of Priceff.

“We pay a lot of attention to pricing and have tested various approaches along the way. Priceff has an efficient demand-based SaaS solution, which is fast to implement. Priceff’s solution does not require complex data science projects or significant manual work. We are eager to see the results of the pilot, and hopefully continue towards pricing the summer season.”, Suzanne Dorok adds.

Additional information:

Suzanne C. Dorok, Commercial Director and Prokuristin, Roadfans GmbH,
+49 173 629 1887,

Heikki Lummaa, CEO, Priceff,
+358 400 62 6893,

Roadfans GmbH operations started in 2017 with 7 campers with the aim of making camper rentals more flexible. Roadfans is an innovative growth company with a lot of emphasis on great customer experience and digital solutions. Roadfans has currently a staff of 130 persons and operates a fleet of 1250 campers in 12 German cities.

Priceff is a Finnish growth company offering real-time demand based dynamic pricing as a SaaS. Priceff focuses on rentals, bookings and other businesses with limited capacity. Priceff currently has customers in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Italy.