What is dynamic pricing?

  • Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy where the company doesn’t set fixed prices for their products/services, but instead lets the price fluctuate based on the current or forecasted market demand
  • Fixed prices are a top-down pricing strategy: the company sets prices according to the market data they have at that moment. Dynamic pricing is more of a bottom-up strategy: the prices shift according to changes in the market, achieving more optimal prices for the company.

Priceff’s dynamic pricing

  • Priceff’s pricing solution can be summarized using Simon Sinek’s quote: “Value is not determined by those who set the price. Value is determined by those who choose to pay it.” – We believe that while companies can set fairly accurate prices for their products, it is ultimately the customers who decide if the price is fair or not
  • Priceff’s dynamic pricing is based on real-time customer demand: during times of low demand the algorithm lowers the price to attract more customers, and during times of high demand the algorithm increases the price to get more revenue
  • The algorithm doesn’t use multiple variables to try to predict customer behaviour: instead it adjusts to any situation on the market automatically in real-time
  • All of the changes are automatically done by our U.S. patented algorithm
  • Companies have full control over the limits between which the dynamic price fluctuates

Check out our cases

  • Finland’s largest pizza chain, Kotipizza, has used Priceff’s dynamic pricing since 2018 to price all of their home deliveries from all of their restaurants (that do home deliveries).  During Priceff’s dynamic pricing the number of deliveries has increased by 22% and revenue by as much as 31%. Read more about the Kotipizza-case:     Kotipizza
  • Finland’s largest van rental company by revenue, Pakuovelle.com, has used Priceff’s dynamic pricing solution to price all of their 150 vans since November 2021. The results have been amazing: their revenue has increased by 20%, and the rental volume by 21%. Read more about the Pakuovelle-case:     Pakuovelle

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