• Improved capacity utilization
  • Higher turnover
  • Better profitability
  • Higher profits during high-demand times
  • Lower prices for price-sensitive buyers (low-demand times)


  • Website or app where the price is displayed, and the customer makes his or her order
  • IT systems that allow for frequent price updates
  • Ability to connect through Rest-API (https://developers.priceff.com/)
  • Priceff’s solution is usually up and running in a few weeks

Pakuovelle.com’s experience:

Finland’s largest van rental company by revenue, Pakuovelle.com, has used Priceff’s dynamic pricing solution to price all of their 150 vans since November 2021. The results have been amazing: their revenue has increased by 20%, and the rental volume by 21%. Read more about the Pakuovelle-case: Pakuovelle

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